Candor : Disclose information that, if known by consumers, would likely affect their understanding or use of the site, or purchase or use of a product or service.

Honesty : Be truthful and not deceptive.

Quality : Provide health information that is accurate, easy to understand, and up to date. Provide the information users need to make their own judgments about the health information, products, or services provided by the site.

Informed Consent : Respect users’ right to determine whether or how their personal data may be collected, used, or shared.

Privacy : Respect the obligation to protect users’ privacy.

Professionalism in Online Healthcare : Respect fundamental ethical obligations to patients and clients. Inform and educate patients and clients about the limitations of online healthcare.

Responsible Partnering : Ensure that organizations and sites with which they affiliate are trustworthy.

Accountability : Provide meaningful opportunity for users to give feedback to the site.